Monday, August 11, 2014

African Baobab (Imbondeiro ou Calabaceira)

This is like the King of all trees in Africa, the Baobab, here in my country old people tell so many stories about it, though we dont believe them we never say no to listening...amazing tales of witchcraft and so...these trees can get very very tall and scary so its more than comprehensible that people might feel akward around them. I'll tell you something funny, one of the popular myths connected to this tree is that you can make boys "pipis" grow bigger if they knock on the tree with "them" :D :D :D
I just like to take pictures of it for its greateness in size and i also love the juice and ice cream made from the fruit that grows in it, we call it Múcua.
So next time you come to Africa ask for a Baobab fruit juice, they are good and have many vitamins.


What about these clay bracelets
do you like'em???!


Well back to my collections, i still have a few photos to share.
My miniature clay food keychains 

A perfect day

And this is a perfect vacation morning for me...on my way to fish taking pictures, photographing every single thing that moves, i hope i have enough batteries
Though the water wasnt warm it wasn't cold either so i think it was just the right temperature for a good morning swim. Tell me you don't wish you where here too ;)


Did i mention one of my many hobbies is fishing?!
I am sorry naturalists and vegetarians but yes, i do fish... 
Quality time between me and myself and my baby, and i take the time to catch me some sunrays away from my crafty cubicle...praise sun, sand and sea

Cute duck bathing

I had to choose a picture among the thousands of them i made from this beautiful duck that was bathing in front of my cabane at dawn, and believe me he was posing for the camera...
i named him "Becko" rsrsrsrs

Clay earrings

I love these stones, they are my passion, there's something about them
whenever i make jewellery for myself i always use these babies 
And i loooove to take photos, i must have something asian on me ehehe
These babies here are mine

My time on the beach

I wanted to write something on the sand but i just kept staring at it.
So beautiful, so peaceful
The perfect place to get some inspiration for some more artcratfed projects

A saúde através das unhas

As nossas unhas podem dizer como está nossa saúde
Manchas brancas podem indicar falta de selenio ou zinco
Pregas transversais nas unhas podem indicar falta de proteínas
Unhas quebradiças pode ser falta de ácido linoleico, cálcio, ferro e/ou zinco
Enfim...prestemos atenção aos sinais e toca a ingerir muita proteína, cálcio, ferro, zinco e tudo mais, mas na medida certa. E a única forma de saber a medida certa é fazendo uma consulta e análises clínicas. 
Atenção aos sinais

Yesterday,  cientists say we had a brighter fuller moon of few we are going to have  in this summer. It was like thisbecause it was 30 times closer to earth, and poor little me only had a disgrace of a cellphone, só the only thing i got was this ridiculous picture
Shame on me