Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crafted jewellery (polymer clay)

A few more of my crafted jewellery collections
Plastic beads, polymer clay and strass stones
And that's it... time to go back to the kitchen...adios guys and girls

Kwanza-Sul waterfalls

Another water fall on my way to Gabela (Kwanza-Sul)
I did not find the strength to dive for there are many snake sightings among these rocks
which is a total shame for the water was so hot and limpid
Too bad...a photo to remember shall do

Photography effects

"Fantasy Dreams"
Now i should create a clay and fabric doll to add to my "set"
I loooove these shades

Photography (African Acacia)

I made a few photo effects on this Acacia and it reminded me of those beautiful Asian paintings 
I might actually paint or draw this picture one day

Playing in the dark

Running up and down on the beach at night...
i honestly have to disagree with the notion that ocean water gets warmer at night
it does NOT ok?! Its cold as hell ahahaha

Image postcard (Quedas de água do Binda)

So...since im addicted to photos i decided to make image postcards with the pictures i have 
Look at this beautiful waterfall
They are called Binda waterfall, in Keve river, they are situated in Kwanza-Sul Porto Amboim/Angola

Polymer Clay frames

Thinking about having some of my photos framed, i started with these 20cm notes 
But i didnt fancy the way they curl on the borders :/

Fridge magnets

And here are the clay cookie miniatures

Fridge magnets (ímans de frigorífico)

Watch out they are clay chocolates, dont try biting them...
My sweet clay collection, these are only fridge magnets


Right, its not me over there, im just taking pictures...im very crazy yes in a way but there is no way you are going to find me in the middle of the sea, flying high in the sky like a maniac hehehe... i carry a deep respect for radical sports, i like my bones ok?! 
I wonder if he would pay me for taking a picture rrsrsrsrs

First sunrays hidden

Early morning facing Luanda 
Looks like a movie
i loooove my cellphone, long live Sony X-peria 

Kwanza River (Rio Kwanza)

Going down Kwanza river with caution, i dont want to have no encounters with aligators, really, i love animals dont get me wrong, but i can pass on close encounters with a few...i prefer bathing with "Becko" the duck rsrsrs
But the sights are amaaaazing, look at this green...it reminded me of the juice i had this morning :)
I have to save some money to buy me a better camera

"Becko" the duck

Yes "Becko" is back and he's not alone, since i wouldn't join him by the river he got himself a bath mate...how cute are they. 
Since i can't afford a lake on my yard, this will do

Baobab (Imbondeiro, embondeiro ou calabaceira)

I just can't stop myself, i have to be taking thousands of pictures while i travel
my beautiful country 

Palm tree

Palm trees, another great element in Africa
They extract sap from them and transform it into a beverage called Maruvo
quite nice taste, but it can get you drunk, dont easily...one or two glasses with a nice warm meal should be just fine 

Muffins (queques)

Very easy recipe:
2 cups baking flour (2 chávenas de farinha de trigo)
half cup of milk (meia chávena de leite)
5 teaspoons yeast (5 colheres de chá de fermento)
2 eggs (2 ovos)
1 cup brown sugar (1 chávena de açúcar mascavo)
4 tablespoons olive oil (4 colheres de sopa de azeite)

Mix thoroughly everything together and pour the mix into the muffin tins for 12 muffins, dont put too much dough or it will fall out when it grows. You can opt to put something at this time in the middle of each dough, i used a chocolate square. Dont forget to preheat the oven to 350F while you are preparing the dough. Bake for 20/25 minutes, keep an eye on them. 

Misture muito bem os ingredientes todos em um recipiente. Pré-aqueça o forno a 180ºC. Deite o preparado em formas de queques, não deite muito porque eles crescem, vá aí té um pouco acima do meio, se quiser pode pôr algo dentro de cada queque nesta altura, eu pus um quadrado de chocolate de avelã em cada um. Leve ao forno por 20/25 minutos depende do forno, é bom estar sempre atenta.
Bom proveito.

Two colours gelatin

Now this has nothing to do with me, i am not going to eat it, i made it for the kids...i just had to try this one, i think its so cool to have this colours not mixing with each other, but i think it could be better and i shall try to perfect it, so its peach gelatin on the bottom and off course strawberry on top, with that lovely fruit waiting in the middle

Breakfast (healthy start)

I have decided to start taking "chlorella" very popular food supplement in Asia "It is thought to boost the immune system and help fight infection. It has been shown to increase the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which helps to treat ulcers, colitis, diverticulosis and Crohn's disease. It is also used to treat constipation, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chlorella has been used to treat cancer and also help protect the body from the effects of cancer radiation treatment." According to «Herbwisdom.com» and many other sources of information.
Im taking on vegetable, fruit and algae juices, but i confess that sometimes i add some honey because im still not used to these new flavours :P
So i started my day, today with a glass of a green swamp like ponch made out of:
two small carrots
one red apple
4 leafs of spearmint
4 leafs of parsley
one teaspoon of chlorella 
and two glasses of water
I mixed it all in the blender and shazam... green mud.
As i said i had to mix 4 tablespoons of honey 'cause it was brleblllre at first...but i drank it all and it was GOOD!