Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meat cuts and uses -beef (Corte de carne de vaca e como utilizar)

And here's another table good for knowing how to use beef meat and not spoiling a meal, knowledge is power ;) lets get everyone at home giving you that wow look like you're a super chef guys and girls

Pork cuts and how to use them

Now, this is just great, knowing what to ask and how to cook it, found this on the internet and just had to share


Measuring convertion chart (tabela de conversão de medidas)

And yesss this helps a lot, sometimes its ridiculous the time i take trying to convert ingredients, maths was NOT my favourite subject much to my dismay :(
So here is something to clear some things up

Desenformar gelatina

Várias vezes me deparo com o dilema de desenformar a gelatina, fico muito triste quando tenho mesmo de estragar a sua forma e improvisar para poder servir, maaaasss...finalmente aprendi que basta mergulhar brevemente em água a ferver ou ainda enrolar uma toalha molhada em água bem quente à volta da durante uns 10 a 15 minutos, umas batidinhas na forma virada ao contrário e voilá.

Joyce - Nao Vales Nada Official video 2010

Kizomba...African music (Angola)

Getting me by around my crafty moments, inspiring me ;)

Fantasy dreams II

Last time i showed you my photo effects on pictures i took while travelling i forgot about this one
it might also be good for paintings, with pastel, or acquarella

Polymer clay finger rings

A selection of 
rocks mixed with resin and polymer clay
I think no rock is too big or too small to be used in jewellery, and no colour is too much... the one i enjoyed making the most was the pink one in the first row up, second place, with rocks... i used rose quartz inside resin with rose polymer clay, it looked like a candy.
Enjoy...i hope it gives you more ideas for jewellery creations.

Crafted jewellery match

I confess, im not too good with matchings :D 
I make jewellery separately
and let my clients choose and match as they wish...
...but here is one of my selections
the ring rock is made of polymer clay and coated with resin
the earrings and bracelets are assembled by me but where bought separately at those art and craft shops

Leather bracelets

A few months ago i bought leather straps 
not really knowing what to do with them
well since im a black outfits kind of person why not some
black leather bracelets to go with 
But i also made some in brown and white
Very easy material to work with, next time i'll try to make some cool belts

Recycling jeans

Kids grow, jeans grow old, and keep saving them for projects, this is a cute way to reuse old jeans...covering diaries
Just get some ribbons and a hot glue gun 

Polymer clay painting

I did this one month ago and its still not baked
I think i might do it today...i want to hang it on my  wall
I'll show you another picture when its all finished

Feijoada do mar à minha moda

E ainda houve tempo para fazer uma feijoada do mar à minha moda
1 frango inteiro
1 chouriço de sangue
1 chouriço picante
1 lata de salsichas
1 limão
sal grosso q.b
1 raminho de salsa
1 cenoura grande
5 tomates maduros e grandes
1 cebola grande e 4 dentes de alho
1 colher de sopa de cominhos
1 colher de sopa de açafrão
azeite, vinho branco, 2 cubos de caldo de galinha
2 latas de feijão encarnado das pequenas
1 embalagem de mistura de frutos do mar

Corte o frango em pedaços e tempere-os com sal, o açafrão, cominhos, azeite q.b e sumo de meio limão.  Pique os dentes de alho, cebola às rodelas, salsa, cenoura e o tomate para dentro de uma panela larga e funda, adicione um pouco de azeite e água (meio copo) e deixe refogar até estar cozido o tomate. Deite o frango, chouriços e o vinho branco, deixe apanhar o gosto durante uns 10 minutos, adicione as salsichas  cortadas em pedaços do tamanho de um dedo mais ou menos, se for necessário adicione mais água, eu costumo usar a água das salsichas, deixe ferver um pouco e adicione o sal e os cubos de caldo de galinha, e o marisco, passados mais uns 10 minutos adicione o feijão, rectifique os temperos, deixe apanhar o gosto, mexa com uma colher de pau e engrosse o molho com puré de batata caso seja necessário.
Bom apetite. 

Sweets bookcase

I looove kids and kids love many of my crafted art is related to this two subjects
I found lately a nice project on Pinterest that i just fell in love with, its a book that keeps sweets...
Check this out

Cornrows and braiding

One of my many shores yesterday was to braid this baby girl (12 years) and although i am not a great "cornrower" hehehe...i think i did quite took me half a day and i still had to do other stuff while she ate. But i like it, believe me.
Let me show you how it was in the end



I used this hair for more length

Good morning bread :)

Hello hello hellooooo
I reeealy had a busy day yesterday and that is a good thing, nothing like laying your head and body on a bed and falling asleep in 1 second...
Now... lets get busy today again, but starting with a good and healty sandwich
I have got tomatoes
olives and carrots
a avocado and fresh cheese purée
some lemon slices and caviar (not that expensive one)
You can make one, and use other veggies you like and decide if you are eating it on a plate or on a bread like a sandwich...i choose the second one hehehe... i love bread....So goooooooood moooooorniiiiing