Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breakfast roses

Here's a lot of them rose breakfast all together waiting for the carnivores to attack hehehe

Breakfast in one shape (breakfast roses) - Pequeno-almoço em roseta

Hiiiiii everyone...yessss its sunday
For me sunday is a day to taste good food, healthy, fresh or maybe not that healthy hehehe
well one more reason to hit the "sweating machines" or walk, jog around making the most of all the fresh air and calm day that is sun-day 
I had a good all in one breakfast, very easy to do, i used 
bacon, eggs, cheese, parsley and salt
I took one those muffin molds with 12 holes and started covering the hole walls with the bacon (you can use turquey ham too if you cant eat pork) then shred, grate or dice some cheese and put them inside as well as the chopped parsley and to finish open a egg on top of all, sprinkle some salt and take them to the oven at 180ºC until the egg whites start baking, you can keep an eye on them to see when the yolks are as you like to eat them. I rather have them well done to avoid any contamination :P
What i really love about it is that they have this cute rose like shape


The first picture is the one with bacon and the second one is turquey ham