Saturday, August 9, 2014

Home made cheese

I like making cheese at home for many reasons, because its fast, i get to choose the flavour i like an for the fun of it.
Nothing to it, i put 2 liters of milk in a pan to heat, not boil it, just plain milk
so when its really hot you pour the juice of a lemon and a few (4 to 8) tablespoons of vinegar inside the milk and instantly you'll see curds forming, turn the heat off
Now get a skimmer and start taking the curds of on to a table cloth inside another pan to filter all the remaining whey
close the table cloth and squeeze all the whey, then open it again on a plate, season it with what you like, i use diced garlic, origanum, chopped parsley and sea salt
Roll up the table cloth again, i normally push it inside a big plastic cup to give it this cylindrical shape and let it sit overnight OR you can just eat it straight away as ricotta cheese.
Once you do the first and second time you'll just wont stop
"Who wants some cheese?!"