Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prawn, potato and egg mayo

Nice sunday over here, its quiet, a bit cold...perfect to do a quick meal and hit the bed watching something nice on tv
And that's just what i did...
...made something that my mom used to do to take to the beach.
All i needed was this:

Some fresh cooked prawns i had on the fridge, about 300 gr
4 eggs, 3 to boil and one to make the sauce (mayo)
1 lemon, 2 big potatoes.

Then just get a small bowl, a wooden spoon, refined salt, vinegar, olive oil and mustard.

Chop the potatoes in small cubes
 Put them in a pan with water and boil them. 
In another pan put three eggs and boil them as well, it should take 15 minutes after the water is boiling to get them done. I'll get a chart for boiling food as well, dont worry
Now, while those are on the stove, get the remaining egg and separate the yolk from the egg white, we are only going to use the yolk. 
Put the yolk in the bowl, one teaspoon of good mustard and mix it well, now cut the lemon in half and drop a few drops on the egg mix, mix it well, and start dropping it inside the egg mix in a very small and thin thread.

drop a small quantity and stop to see if your cream as a consistency that when you pass the wooden spoon through it you can see the bottom of the bowl like this
Keep pouring the olive oil until you get the amount that you need, remember that this is a recipe for one to two persons.
Keep an eye on the stove.
When you think you have enough of home made mayonnaise mix, drop the rest of the lemon juice, and season it with salt and vinegar (you can skip the vinegar if you want beacuse lemon is just fine, especially for those who have stomach problems)
Peel the shrimp and dice them
When the eggs are boilled, get them off their shells and cut them in slices
Get a deep plate or bowl and start alternating layers of potato, egg, and prawns
Pouring the mayo on top of all in the end
You can also mix some chopped parsley in
Bon appetite